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Financial Information

The bills a patient will receive for surgery and the cost of the surgery will depend primarily on the following items. You will likely receive separate bills for each.

  1. Outpatient Surgical Services fees for the type of procedure are global, which include nursing care, medications, standard supplies, and use of the operating and recovery rooms.
  2. The surgeon’s fee for performing the surgery
  3. The Anesthesiologist’s fee for providing anesthesia for the procedure, if applicable
  4. You may also receive a bill from Pathology if any biopsies are done.

Depending on the procedure performed, patients also may receive bills for laboratory or x-ray tests prior to the procedure or bills from other care providers such as pathologist, radiologist and/or surgical assistants.

Health Care Practitioners & Medical Practice Groups:

Naples Pathology Associates

1110 Pine Ridge Rd Suite 306, Naples, FL 34108


Quest Diagnostics Naples

681 Goodlette Rd N STE 120, Naples, FL 34102

(239) 430-0101

1656 Anesthesia LLC

1656 Medical BlVD, #201

Naples, Fl 34110

239-732-1133 ext 110


We accept cash, checks, debit and all major credit cards. For procedures that are not covered by insurance and for patients who do not have medical insurance, we require full payment (100%) at the time of admission. Please call our office prior to your surgery date if special payment arrangements are necessary.


If you would like to compare other Florida pricing, please visit the link below:



Many same-day surgical procedures are covered by standard medical insurance and we participate with many insurance plans. However, you should call your insurance company prior to your surgery date to verify that we participate with your plan and to understand the coverage for your procedure. We will submit claims to most major insurance carriers.

The patient should contact the health care practitioners anticipated to provide services to the patient while in the center regarding a personalized estimate, billing practices and participation with the patient’s insurance provider or health maintenance organization (HMO) as the practitioners MAY NOT participate with the same health insurers or HMO as the center.


If you have any questions about financial arrangements or billing, call us at (239) 732-1133 x101.